Words we live by

'We have never tried that before, so we should definitely be able to do that.'


A typical Autobahn design is a balancing act between clear communication and creativity. This balance is achieved by working closely with our clients.


Every day, we are fully committed to develop playful, intelligent and imaginative ideas. Our strength lies in creating honest and memorable design on  paper, screens and in public spaces.


Autobahn works closely and outspoken with people. We add value to ideas of our clients on a personal and business level. Regardless the size, nature or platform of the project.


We prefer to make head-turning, stimulating and fulfilling work with inspiring and ambitious people, rather than taking on every new client we can.


Creative Strategy
Information Architecture
Text & Content Creation


Book & Editorial
Illustration & Animation
Signing & Wayfinding
Visual & Corporate Identity
Typefaces & Bespoke Lettering
Websites & Applications


Mobile Apps

Autobahn Gallery

Autobahn Gallery is the creative outlet where we host events and sell unique Autobahn products. Have a look-see.

Press (selection)

Sidney Morning Herald Read interview
Desktop Magazine Read interview
Eye Magazine Read interview
AgIdeas Conference View video

Exhibitions (selection)

GLOW-S Eindhoven
Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad  Valencia
Beyonderground Hasselt
Graphic Happiness Nanjing
GDFB 2012, 2010, 2008  Breda

Lectures (selection)

AgIdeas Melbourne 
CPH*Typo Copenhagen
33pt Dortmund
John Moores University Liverpool
Typoclub  Bern


Please download a full resumé here.

Clients (selection)

Projects come and go, but good contacts remain. That's why Autobahn works with people, rather than solely focus on big brand names.

Yoskha Malais Marketing manager 
Maarten De Graaf    Print  consultant
Annemieke Honig Marketing manager
Hans Koenen   Editor-in-chief
Brigitte van der Sande Independant Art curator
Remy Gieling Editor-in-chief
Hildegard Blom Project manager
Ruben van Gogh   Poet
Edwin Verhoeven Final editor
Stefanie Gerwers Communication advisor
Bob Scherrenberg Real estate developper
Erik J. Hallers Entrepreneur
Alex Mulder   Entrepreneur
Brian Heikamp Communication advisor
Bart Witte Creative consultant
Friso Wiersum Project leader
Ine Gevers   Independant Art Curator
Daan Paans Artist/photographer
René van Dijk Communication advisor
Bette Westera Writer

Rob Stolte

Founder & Designer

Designer and creative strategist. A business-minded craftsman that strives for balance in creativity and realizing the client's goals.

Connect with Rob on Linkedin

+31 (0)6 284 141 08

Maarten Dullemeijer

Founder & Designer

Conceptual designer with a keen eye for text. Uses form, aestethics and firm design rules to create all sorts of on- and offline media.

Connect with Maarten on Linkedin

+31 (0)6 101 828 91

Jochem Koopman

Associated designer & Animator

Graphic designer and animator. Operates between static and dynamic typography-driven design.

+31 (0)30 223 99 61

Peter Schilleman

Associated creative developer

Builds and advices on (web) applications in javascript, css and html5. For desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

+31(0)30 223 99 61

Students & Graduates


So you're planning an internship at Autobahn? Awesome! As we are a small studio, we are quite selective in assigning placements. However we love to see your work. We look for digital and analog experiments, original presentations and playful sense of language and form. Don't just send us an e-mail, inspire us!

+31 (0)30 223 99 61

Studio space for self-employed designers

Office applications

We take no employees. But we are always on the lookout for talented, self-employed motion graphic / interaction designers and creative coders to be part of our studio. We offer (free) workspace at our studio in Utrecht. Interested? Contact us for an exploratory interview.